We are a highly respected and trusted company specializing in social marketing and music promotion since 2013. Thousands of artists and companies used our services to get more exposure online. You can find many reviews out there about Jiroca Marketing.
Absolutely! The purchase of followers/views or likes is fully secure and legal. We are high experienced and take great precautions to not violate terms and policies of the platforms.. In our experience conducting surveys, tests, and reviews of the purchase of followers/likes, we can attest to its legality and safety. Not only is it 100% safe and legal, but we also have personally never encountered any problem purchasing followers/views/likes. Otherwise, you could easily buy followers/likes/views for your competitor or rival to put them at a disadvantage. We don’t think Instagram/Youtube/Facebook (etc) will take that route.
Much like the real world, in the virtual world the opinion of the majority matters greatly. Just like any of the other social media platforms, the more subscribers and likes you have, the more your page becomes visible. Having few followers/subscribers in any social media platform can cause a negative effect on your popularity online. With Instagram/Facebook or Twitter rapidly becoming the biggest social media platforms, it provides a modern space for individuals and businesses alike to promote themselves. You, too, can promote yourself and shine in the virtual world with our services.
You might already have good music that thousands or millions of people would like if they found you on the internet. And that’s the point. Much good music gets lost in the crowd and to actually stand out from the masses it’s good to invest in Real Youtube Views and Soundcloud Plays. We have affordable deals for Youtube Views/Likes and Soundcloud Plays/Likes that will not only make you look more succesful and attractive to others. No, on Youtube for instance, real views will help you to get higher in search results. On Youtube it’s all about content, interaction, watch time and keywords. We do not deliver fake botted low retention views with a 1-2 seconds fake watch time because this wouldn’t give you any ranking improvement. We guarantee real views and likes that will actually get you real listeners.
Our team invests much money to have access to very big social media sites (with over 15 Mio users), groups (Facebook with over 2 million users) and exchange networks with far more than 25 million active users worldwide. We share your content until the amount you’ve paid for is reached. Your Followers, Likes and Views will be people from mostly the following continents: America, Europe, Asia.
Yes, we guarantee our services 100%. In fact our services usually get overdelivered because when we stop sharing your content there will be always more people clicking on your link. You find the average delivery time on each of our offers. However it can always happen that we complete your order faster than expected or sometimes even with a small delay.
We always try to provide you mostly active users to your Social Media accounts. However it can always happen that a few users unfollow/unlike you because as you can imagine we don’t control these accounts. In the unlikely case of many drops you can always contact us HERE letting us know about your problem and we refill them for you. Please don’t forget to place your ORDER ID into the refill request. A refill usually takes 1-5 days to happen. Note that just because of followers/views drops there won’t be a refund. Instead the customer has a refill warranty included. Either Lifetime, 6months or 30 days depending on the service. More infos in our Terms of Services
Definitely not! All we require is a link/the username to your profile so that we can find you!
You can reach us by filling out a contact form page.
The only circumstance in which you will receive a refund is if we do not start your order in the first 72hours. However, if your order has been processed/started or completed we will not issue a refund. Drops on your Followers or Views don't make you eligible for any refunds. If drops happen, send us a refill request here.
Please ensure the following criteria are met before placing an order to secure a successful delivery. Your account/video or song is set to public. If you have experienced an issue with the delivery of your order, please contact our support team for assistance at the Contact form above.
We sometimes decide to pause your campaign for any reason and without any notice. It is always our goal to deliver your order as quickly and safely as possible; however, there may be certain circumstances such as an upgrade performed to a Social Network that may make pausing your campaign necessary. We don't stop the order without any reason, your account's safety is our first priority. Some Companies out there deliver the service overnight which can put your account under a unnecessary risk. Don't worry, we will speed up your order shortly 🙂 More infos in the Terms of services. (Pausing campaigns)
Products can be easily purchased with: - Credit or Debit card (including Visa/Mastercard/Amex etc.). - Apple Pay - Bank transfer - Western Union - Crypto (Bitcoin etc.) Note: JirocaMarketing.com reserves the right to take legal actions against any type of Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft. In addition to that, Fraudulent Chargebacks will result in a suspension of the affected profiles/fanpages/songs and videos.
When a credit card is declined, our leading recommendation is to contact your bank for more assistance as they may have more insight into what may be causing the issue. You can say you are trying a ecommerce transaction and to please allow the card to go through. If you have no luck resolving the issue with your banking institution, please contact our friendly support team here.