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  • What You Will Get:

    A mastered radio-ready track in WAV and mp3 (320Kbps).


What we do in Mastering:

  • Level balancing
  • Panning
  • Compression and Parallel Compression
  • Bus Compression
  • Bus Saturation
  • EQ, Parallel EQ and Exciter
  • Add Silk, Punch, and Crisp to your mix
  • Multiband compression
  • Created automation (controlling M/S)
  • Add up FX Reverb, Delay, and other effects
  • Reamping Entire Audios through “Neve Preamp”
  • Provide Wide Stereo Image
  • Provide industry standard loudness target like, -14 LUFS, -12 LUFS, -10 LUFS
  • Create a unique Mastering Character Individually (no Preset)


Mastering Gears: 

  • Pro Tools 12 HD
  • RME Fireface 802, Avid Omni
  • Genelec 8030, Yamaha HS-7
  • Rupert Neve Design 542 Tape Saturation
  • Warm Audio EQP-WA Tube Equalizer
  • Stam Audio SSL SA-4000 Bus Compressor, Empirical Lab EL8, DBX 160X Compressor
  • Plugins: UAD, SSL Plugin, Waves Plugins, Slate Digital, iZotope, Kush Audio, Plugin Alliance  and Avedis Audio



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