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For Vocals and Instrumental Stems


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What is the order process?

After you have submitted your order, please send the files to our email adress. Please make sure, you tell us your wishes in only 1 email together with the files attached.We need between 2 and 4 days average to complete a mix/master of your song. You will then receive the mastered radio-ready track in WAV and mp3 (320Kbps).


What are the requirements?

Please make sure you match the following requirements:

  • Send all the audios at the same length.
  • Mention tempo and scale (Key) of the song.
  • If possible attach a rough mix (demo mix or current mix) of the Song, it would be a great help
  • Send the files with no EQ, Compressor, or FX
  • Name the files Properly
  • export all files in WAV or AIF.



Hip Hop 1

Hip Hop 2
Pop 1
Rock 1


What we do in Mixing:


  • Fully Tuned Your Vocals (Wave tune, Melodyne 4)
  • Level balancing
  • Panning
  • Quantizing Vocal (timing correction)
  • Parallel Compression
  • Bus Compression
  • Bus Saturation
  • Add Silk, Punch, and Crisp to your mix
  • Add Parallel EQ and Exciter
  • Add up FX Reverb, Delay, and other effects
  • Multiband Compression
  • Reamping Entire Audios through “Neve Preamp”
  • Provide Wide Stereo Image
  • Created Automation (volume, effects, …)


What we do in Mastering:

  • Level balancing
  • Panning
  • Compression and Parallel Compression
  • Bus Compression
  • Bus Saturation
  • EQ, Parallel EQ and Exciter
  • Add Silk, Punch, and Crisp to your mix
  • Multiband compression
  • Created automation (controlling M/S)
  • Add up FX Reverb, Delay, and other effects
  • Reamping Entire Audios through “Neve Preamp”
  • Provide Wide Stereo Image
  • Provide industry standard loudness target like, -14 LUFS, -12 LUFS, -10 LUFS
  • Create a unique Mastering Character Individually (no Preset)



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Up to 8 audios/stems, Up to 20 audios/stems, Unlimited audios/stems

13 reviews for Mixing / Mastering



  2. LOSO 19

    Always easy to work with and creates amazing results very quickly


    Thank you so much!! Very professional and available to work on any kind of adjustment :)) Good communication!!


    Very great! once again. amazing work. Check out Emoh Strange “Lights” on all streaming platforms!

  5. GRIND 247

    He responded very quickly and with a few revisions, I got the end result I needed.


    Absolutely amazing experience! He was patient and understanding, and the results were professional. Fast delivery too!


    From start to finish, one of the best I’ve worked with. He got it perfect and would highly recommend him


    Great work as always! Very easy to work with, professional, friendly, good English…etc. This is the kind of mixer your looking for , I highly recommend his service.

  9. LOSO 19

    Very nice and communicative seller, always willing to improve the product. I’m quite satisfied.


    Would highly recommend, always easy to work with and great results!

  11. LOSO 19

    great guy he knows how to work with the client. very vocal and helped me through the whole way.

  12. Kevin Winkler

    Professional, and fast. They satisfied all the requests I asked for. I definitely will work with him again

  13. ZAC LOSO

    Produced a really good mix and master of my song. There were some issues initially with communication, so it ended up taking a few revisions to get it right, but he was very patient and friendly (giving me two masters: one dynamic master, and one very loud master). The final product sounds amazing. Will definitely be using him again for future projects.

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